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    Protected Disclosure – a challenge for managers

    Posted on September 14, 2012 by Gerald Flynn

    The new Protected Disclosure in the Public Interest Act means that all employers will have to adopt clear policies and provide secure channels for employees to raise any genuine concerns in confidence.

    It will be a major step for many Irish companies and organisations to clearly promote openness and trust without any fears or risk of victimisation for those who ‘speak up’.

    Organisations that fail to have clear policies and reporting options in place are sending a clear message that any concerns should be raised directly with a regulator, the Revenue or Gardai. In addition any disaffected employee will have a ‘green light’ to make a protected disclosure to the media without the employer having any advance warning.

    Align Management Solutions, bringing skills in ethics and people management, can provide effective policies and train line-managers with brief seminars in how to ensure compliance with the new Act.