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    Jobseeker payments cut to €100 a week for younger people up to 25

    Posted on October 22, 2013 by Gerald Flynn

    All new applicants for Jobseekers’ allowances aged under-26 will face reduced payments from the beginning of 2014. Those aged between 22 and 24 will see their welfare payments fall from €144 a week at present to €100. Those aged 25 will receive €144 a week instead of the current €188 rate. At present 18-22 year olds receive €100 a week. The reduced payments  apply to all new applicants on the Live Register.

    The Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, said that the savings made in reduced payments would be invested in youth employment measures. She said that “signing on for jobseeker’s allowance on a person’s 18th birthday is not the start to adult life any parent would want for their child. We need to be more ambitious for our young people”.

    The intention appears to be to force younger unemployed to participate in ‘Back to Education’ schemes which provide weekly payments of €160 a week for those to attend training courses.