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    Live Register shows steady fall to 12.5% in November

    Posted on December 4, 2013 by Gerald Flynn

    Ireland’s unemployment rate, as measured by the monthly Live Register figures, fell to 12.5 per cent last month, its lowest level in three and a half years. This confirms the trend indicated by the Quarterly Household Survey data published two weeks ago.

    The numbers on the register for more than one year has fallen by nearly 6,000 to 180,000 over the past year. The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office showed the number of people claiming benefits dropped by 3,400 in November, the 17th successive monthly decline.

    This brought the overall number of claimants down to 406,200 at the end of October, down from 409,600 the previous month, giving a standardised rate of unemployment of 12.5 per cent.

    The number of long term claimants on the Live Register in November 2013 was 179,758.  The number of male long -term claimants decreased by 8,196 (-6.2%) in the year to November 2013, while females increased by 1,392 (+2.5%), giving an overall annual decrease of 6,804 (-3.6%) in the number of long term claimants.

    The 81,489 casual and part-time workers on the Live Register in November 2013,  represents 20.8% of the total Live Register.  This compares with 21.0% one year earlier when there were 87,481 casual and part-time workers on the Live Register.  In the year to November 2013 the number of casual and part-time workers decreased by 5,992 (-6.8%), with the number of males decreasing by 3,784 (-7.9%) and the number of females decreasing by 2,208 (-5.5%).

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