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    Confusion over new gender pay-gap reporting rules

    Posted on March 24, 2019 by Miriam Ahern

    Align Management Solutions welcomed the new Gender Pay Information Bill which will require businesses and firms to analyse and publish details of any gender-based pay gaps. The legal provision will initially apply to companies with 250 or more employees and the threshold will drop to 50 when the legislation becomes fully operational.

    It is an issue that most employers and senior manager have yet to address. Firms in both the public and private sectors will be subject to the requirement and employers would also be obliged to set out the steps they have taken, if any, to tackle the gender pay gap.

    Employers will be required to publish the following information when the Gender Pay Information Bill becomes law later in 2019:

    The mean and median gap in hourly pay between men and women.
    The mean and median gap in bonus pay between men and women.
    The mean and median gap in hourly pay of part-time male and female employees.
    The percentage of men and of women who received bonus pay.
    The percentage of men and of women who received benefits in kind

    The 2019 pay survey from CIPD Ireland and Industrial Relations News (IRN) found that only a quarter of companies in Ireland admitted to having a gender pay gap. The same study also found that only one in five companies had calculated the scale of the problem within their own outpatient drug treatment
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    When all respondents in this survey were asked about whether they have a gender pay gap, only 27% responded that they had one. With a gender pay gap in Ireland at a relatively static 14%, and evidence of it across a range of sectors, this indicates the current lack of information and insight on gender pay gap analysis, and the high level of awareness raising that is needed.