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    90% of smaller Irish firms call Britain’s ‘Brexit bluff’

    Posted on August 5, 2019 by Gerald Flynn

    ONLY one-in-10 businesses in Ireland are preparing for a no-deal Brexit despite the fact that many of them see it as serious threat, the cross-border body, IntertradeIreland, warned

    IntertradeIreland’s all-island business monitor for the three months to the end of June shows that 40% of companies reported growth for the period but few expect further expansion over the coming 2019-20 year.

    The all-Ireland trade body finds that 45% of businesses blame the UK’s scheduled departure from the EU at the end of October for this uncertainty, which rises to almost 60% among manufacturers.

    However, only 11% of companies that contributed to the Business Monitor survey said that they have made any preparations for the UK crashing out of the trade bloc without a deal, scheduled for October 31st

    More than four-fifths of cross-border traders, who would be most exposed should the UK leave with no deal, have not prepared for that outcome, Intertrade Ireland says.