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    Median pay now at €593 a week – 50% above and below

    Posted on November 19, 2019 by Gerald Flynn

    Half of employees in Ireland were earning over €592.60 a week in 2018 according to new data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) using Revenue Commissioners’ data. This median or ‘middle’ figures compares with mean average weekly earnings of €740.63. So half (50%) of all employees were earning less than €593 due to working fewer hours or being employed in low-pay sectors like hospitality and retail.

    CSO satistician Morgan O’Donnell said: “After a period of relatively stable earnings from 2011-2015, there have been steady increases in earnings in each of the last three years. Median weekly earnings increased by 1.7%, 2.8% and 2.9% in 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively.”

    Looking at average earnings by county, Dublin, had the highest median weekly earnings in 2018, at €645.78. This was 9.0% higher than the average for the State and 36.5% higher than the median weekly earnings for Donegal which was the lowest earning county, at €473.12.

    The CSO data also shows the distribution of earnings. In 2018, over one-quarter (28.7%) of all workers earned less than €400 per week. Jobs earning between €400 and €800 per week accounted for 39.4% of all employments. Almost a third (31.9%) of all employments earned more than €800 per week, while 6.5% of employments earned €1,600 or more per week (over €83,000 a year).

    Much of the disparity is reflected in that one-quarter (23%) of information and communications employees earned more than €1,600 a week. Over two-thirds of hospitality workers (68%) eared below €400 a week but they worked fewer hours on average. This is who hourly rates of pay often provide a more accurate comparison of real earnings.