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Employee engagement

How your workforce performs determines to a large extent whether your enterprise will succeed or fail. That your workforce is positively encouraged and supported to perform at its best should be your prime consideration and should remain front-and-centre of your business strategy.

Employee engagement is concerned with going to the heart of the workplace relationship between employer and employee. We can coach your managers to deal with their people openly and maximise their engagement. This approach enhances employees’ discretionary contribution and strengthens their understanding of organisational and customer needs. We can help you to boost creativity, improve capability and increase commitment by working directly with your managers and employees to assess current levels of engagement and suggest fresh initiatives.

As advisers to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in recent years, Align has been at the cutting-edge of developing people engagement strategies and best-practice initiatives.

Management performance and development

Anyone in your organisation who is responsible for organising resources or people is a manger – from supervisors to chief executives and in-between.

Managers are learning informally all the time from experience which is gained on-the-job. However, real management development is a ‘structured’ process by which managers plan, learn and improve their skills both for their own personal development and for the benefit of their organisations.

The techniques used to develop managers are as broad as they are varied – coaching, action-learning, self-led learning, formal education and training, e-learning workshops, project-working and lots, lots more. Moreover, not all managers are receptive to learning and often methods that work in one department or one organisation just don’t work in another.

Why not leave us to sort through the maze that is management development for you? We can analyse your needs and design and deliver tailored initiatives and programmes that ensure that your business has the critical pool of talented and trained leaders you need to succeed.


A team is a limited number of people who have shared objectives at work and who co-operate, on a temporary or permanent basis, to achieve those objectives in a way that allows each individual to make a distinctive contribution.

Some of the benefits of team-working include increased productivity, improved quality, faster communication, better motivation, more flexibility and superior customer service.

When a group of people come together in a team it can take a while before they begin to really work productively together. Usually, they go through a series of phases which lead to a final established stage which sees them performing effectively. However, even a mature, efficient team can revert to an earlier stage if something happens. For example, the sudden loss of the team-leader or change of team-goals can throw a group back into chaos.

At Align, we know all about team-working. No matter what stage your team is at we can work with them to improve their performance. We can ensure that your teams share a common sense of purpose, clear and realistic and achievable objectives, and has the right mix of skills and members.

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